Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Housemaids, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Housemaids in UAE

The market for domestic workers is huge in UAE. UAE has close to 300,000 domestic workers of which 150,000 alone is from Abu Dhabi. Domestic workers are mostly hired from countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, India. Filipino domestic workers are mostly preferred by clients.

In today's society where there is a need for both the man and woman to go work most of the day (on an average 10-12 hrs per day (travelling time included) and leave the housemaid to take care of the needs of the home.

Any women (if they can afford) would prefer to have a live-in housemaid to assist with all their daily tasks at home (dish washing, cleaning the house, cooking meals, taking care of the children, baby sitting, ironing, etc.,)

Alternate option for a working couple with children would be to leave their children in creches, childcare homes or with other friends or relatives.

They have to bear a certain cost every month to pay to the creches and for the transportation which will work out to be more expensive than having a live-in housemaid.

Live-in Housemaid

Minimum wages - Varies from country to country.
Minimum wages in certain countries is fixed (example Filipino Government has set a minimum wage for housemaids as AED1470, Sri Lankan Embassy as AED875, Indian Embassy AED1100, Indonesia AED800, Bangladesh AED750)


Available 24 hours in the house
Becomes part of the family


Individual sponsorship - expensive Deposit amount AED2000 earlier AED5000
Bachelors cannot sponsor maids
Penalty for hiring illegal immigrants AED100,000 + 2 months imprisonment + deportation for non citizens
A person who hires amaid who is not under their sponsorship would be penalised with a penalty of AED50,000
Housemaids run away to work illegally/part time(as freelancers).
Women become pregnant

Housemaid Demands

Minimum 1o hrs of routine work
Refuses to do additional work other than assigned routine work
Day off after every 6 working days
Wants to go out after completing working hours with friends (not preferred by many clients)
Want to work as part-time housemaids during day offs and after 10 hrs of work
Many housemaids agree to work for amounts between AED700-AED900 before arriving in UAE and later demand for more salaries
Prefer to live in groups (with their nationality friends and relatives)

Authorities Regulation

Maid from India & Philippines must be between 30-60 yrs of age
Some countries have banned their domestic workers to work in the middle east and gulf countries
Fixed Salary

Common Housemaid problems

Demanding high salaries

Outsourcing a housemaid-benefits

Fully Insured
Wages paid on time
Agency Fees, Air Ticket, Visa Sponsorship, Insurance,Leave Pay,Gratuity -All taken care of by the Sponsor
Full Accountability